Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday, Technique of the Month

This week's stitch from Sharonb at is the Fancy Hem Stitch. The top line is the original way to do it. I made a grid by expanding the distance between the rows and filling the centers with a French Knot. The threads were Perle Cotton, floss(fuchsia), and Ostara.
The Technique of the Month from is transferring onto fabric. I had this piece in progress. It's the negative of a flower in front of our house. First, I machine stitched on it, then hand stitched using French Knots in the center.

The group doing the postcards from the last post is  It's a Yahoo group that started in Europe. I'm hoping mine gets to England. The poor people stuck in airports. At least now some are getting to fly home.


Walden said...

I like how you opened the Fancy Hem Stitch to make a lattice-like design! Very nice.

crazyQstitcher said...

I like very much your experiment with the Fancy Hem stitch.
I like the way the thread wriggles.