Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilt has the Journal quilt challenge that I have been doing mostly using samples that were just in boxes. This is a much better use for them.
The background is painted canvas done in a workshop with Elizabeth Busch-fun, a great teacher.  The circle is free machine embroidery that was done on water soluble stabilizer. The butterflies were done and given to me by a dear friend. I've been hoarding them and using them on special pieces.

Monday, March 28, 2011


In my half awake state this morning, I forgot the photo of the gifts. Lynn was one of the artists on the blogroll for Quilting Arts. I won and received a copy of the latest issue of Quilting Arts which I will pass on to friends, as I have been a subscriber from the beginning. Also, I received 8 fat quarters, perle cotton, machine thread, and most important a pendant. Lynn silk screened the bird and hand stitched the background. It's a treasure that I will enjoy wearing. Thank you Lynn.

Sketchbook, gifts

Thanks to everyone who commented on a name for my quilt. I decided to use both:  "Bits and Pieces--Patience Realized".

The Sketchbook challenge  for this month is Spilling Over. Check the button at the right to see what others have done. At first I was totally blank then two occurred to me. It pays to think of designs when you can't sleep.
The exploded flower photo from a gardening catalog was the start of this one. I used a marker to complete the petals and a fine line one to do the radiating ribs. It's been a long time, since I did an exploding design, and this is the first one done in regular units instead of just randomly. I think it's not the last.

This is done with markers and oil pastels. Everyone has a day like that. I think of this as Spilling Emotions. I'm one to not let mine out, so maybe drawing them is a way to deal with things-art therapy.

Friday, March 25, 2011


At last, it is finished. I really enjoyed doing the fractured piecing and the hand stitching to break up the center blocks. Then it sat for months-how to quilt it??????
In the middle of the night Wednesday, I suddenly knew. Yesterday I quilted and finished it.

Now what I need(as usual) is a name. Can you help me?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quilt has a challenge to create a journal quilt. I thought I would do one a month, but I'm doing l a week! They are too much fun and addictive.
This one is from some leftover pieces that I just squared up and sewed together. I've had the machine embroidered butterfly(moth?) for ages and decided to stitch it on top by just stitching the main veins, so it is dimensional. The edge is yarn zigzagged in place.

The whole thing took on a meaning. Everywhere seems to be in a state of challenge like Japan. The background is the fractured life with it's black areas. The butterfly is hope rising out of the chaos.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Here are a few samples from my last lesson for the Fun with Paint Sticks class at
It was a good class that I learned a lot in. Maybe now I'll do more with those paintsticks I just had to have.

I like this one best-do like to quilt circles. The idea of changing colors in different areas appeals.

The square grids were easy to stitch and would make a good background for more embellishment. The colors could be used to create depth.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Painted Papers

In January 3 of us got together at my house to paint papers. We'd paint part then pass it to the next person. This month we went to the next house and added to the papers with rubber stamps, pens, pastels, and stencils.
To this I added the rubber stamp spiral. It's one I made using kids' sticky backed foam on an acrylic block. It was cut with a decorative blade in the rotary cutter than curved into a spiral.

This is stamped in the green background with a plate I made from styrofoam left from the takeout box. I then inked around some of the small shapes with a silver gel pen. The silver one I seem to use over and over.

I have a commercial flower stencil that I use a lot-like flowers. Marking pens work well with stencils and don't make the mess paints do. However, when you wipe them off, more paint is transferred to whatever they are sitting on.

Marking pens through a stencil again. I was recycling old microfich film and cut the curves with an Exacto blade.

This one I liked so well that I didn't touch it. They will go in a book probably. The others were doing post cards, but I'm more likely to do fabric post cards.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thermofax   Linda has started a service where you can buy Thermofax screens and has put up examples on her blog. I really like her designs, so check it out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The word at Fiberactions this time was Impression. Check out the others by clicking on the sidebar button. Mine turned into an Impressionist Landscape-an art style I really like.The center is felted with the Embellisher machine using wool rovings then applied to a curved pieced background of cotton. Then I machine quilted across the whole piece.

Here is a detail. The color is truer in the large view.

I enjoyed making this and have two more started using felting and pieced areas.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Journal Quilt

This is the next journal quilt for the challenge.I designed this as a quilt block using Electric Quilt but decided that it would make a good stitched piece.  The background is felted wool yardage. The stitching is done in Perle Cotton using the chain stitch. Then I echo quilted it by machine and turned back the wool to edge it.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Here are the tools I used in the third lesson from the Fun With Paint Sticks class from 
The triangle I made with hot glue on a wood scrap. It works really well for a rubbing but not very well as a stamp.  The one below it is tooth picks glued to wood.  The leaf and the blue triangle are made with a pen on the styrofoam that you get when you bring the rest of your meal home from the restaurant. The rose is part of my collection of printing blocks and was my favorite to use.
Red was a hard background to find something that would show up well from the paint sticks that I had. The metallics seem to work the best on most backgrounds.
I used three colors on the yellow polyester moire piece. The hand painted one would have to be used carefully because of the strong red areas.
The marbled fabric actually worked well. Ultrasuede(beige) works so much better than I expected. I thought it would be too thick to do a rubbing.  The hand painted green looks much better in person and will be used in a piece.

I've been using scraps for the experiments, because it's freeing to use something that is basically waste. They will go in a notebook for future reference.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the yellow crazy quilt. With our gray weather it was a lift to work on.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bead Journal Project

March to be means Daffodils and yellow flowers.
The background is machine pieced crazy quilt. I added braids, lace, and ribbon flowers, then stitched. Lastly came the beading .

Monday, March 7, 2011

Technique of the Month

This month the technique from  is screen printing. A friend has a Thermofax, so I made this screen from a Dover Art Deco design.

The background fabric is a pink hand dye which was first screened with violet.
The next image was using blue. I like the contrast better.
Each month names are drawn from those submitting an example of the technique. Last month I won one of the prizes-a card from Shelagh Folgate  It is a blank card with an envelope to send to someone but is much too nice for that. I'll frame it and keep it. She also sent a postcard of her work-all of it tied up in tissue with this ribbon that looks like she either drew or stamped on it-must try that and also use the tissue.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Here are my samples from week 2 of the Fun With Paint Sticks at Masking tape resist.

Paper as resist.


Samples are good not only to test the technique but to find out which colors work on which fabrics. It's a fun technique.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The journal quilt for is red fabric samples from Exotic silks that I've had forevev and decided to try a collage with.
Now to try some more.