Friday, July 30, 2010


I started out to make a hanging for with the new word Stretch. I had this idea that the pieces in each section would "stretch". Didn't like it.
So I rearranged it. Still didn't like it and now it didn't look like "stretch" to me at all.
OK, so maybe it just needed to be a hanging.  I tested it by folding things to change the size of the strips and then cut all but the smallest in half.Now, we are getting closer.
With the border, I like it. Back to the drawing board for "Stretch".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday, Trip

The next stitch from Sharonb at is the Triple Chain Stitch. The top version is the way the book showed it, going back into the previous chain to make the next one. That hid the nice little motif made by all the tack stitches meeting, so I went just beyond it in the light blue to make the next chain. I guess that actually makes it all detached chain.
Four of us took a trip to Chinatown in Portland, Oregon last Wednesday. It's a city block in  the middle of town and a quiet oasis. We were all taking photos for inspiration. Here are just a few.
I love the lattice on this opening. It would translate to stitch or piecing quite nicely.
The bridge was such a tranquil scene with all the bustle of traffic outside the walls of the garden. You don't even notice noise inside.
This arch was so intriguing. I hope to do something with the graceful lines---quilting, stitching?
Bonsai were sitting on shelves throughout the garden. I love trees and was delighted with them.

We had a pleasant day. The weather in the morning was cool and overcast making for better photos and fewer people in the garden.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Here is the piece I did in Christen Brown's class at We painted the lace, ribbons and threads and composed a piece.This is a detail. I'm not sure what I will make out of this piece. It is about 15" by 15"

Thanks to everyone who comments on my blog. I really appreciate your taking the time. Right now my computer isn't completely fixed, so I'm not responding in case it would hurt someone else's computer.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bead Journal Project

I almost forgot to post July's Bead Journal Project. I did it before my trip, and so much has happened since then.  The background is roving needle punched by machine into wool felt. It's machine quilted with metallic thread. The butterfly charm is one I found on a clearance rack at Michael's and couldn't resist. I beaded around the edge to give it a border.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday, gifts

Now I've caught up. This week's stitch from Sharonb at is the Slipped Detached Chain. It's a pretty stitch and would even make a good filling stitch.

Alis sent me the special ATC in an exchange for the Yahoo Group Unlimited Textiles. She also sent paper flowers and studs which will be great to use in books.  The post card at the bottom shows her work-yummy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday, Class

The next stitch in Sharonb's Take a Stitch Tuesday is the Buttonhole Wheel Cup. It makes nice texture. On the light blue I added two rows of stitches around the wheel. It and the green are Perle Cotton. The dark blue is wool.
The last bracelet for Christen Brown's class at  is made from clear button and uses the dark beads that are irridescent and change from blue to green to purple.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


This time the challenge word was Memory for the online art group Fiberactions. It made me think of the photo I had of my mother and her parents. They sure did glamour photos then! I transferred it to pretreated fabric, then strip pieced a frame around it. The laces are all old and the buttons Mother of Pearl. The fabrics are Oriental silk samples and decorator fabrics.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last blogs. I always appreciate the comments but right now can't remember who I responded to-back from the trip and not caught up. It's exciting but tiring to play with a 3 and a 10 yr. olds. We sewed a pillow, ran the dogs, and shot arrows-must be like riding a bike-I could still hit the target.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday, Class

Here's the second bracelet for Christen Brown's class at  It worked up quickly and is a good use of buttons. I have so many nice buttons that there will be more.
Up and down Feather Stitch is this week's stitch from Sharonb at  I like the way you can change the angle and size to move the stitch around.

Tomorrow I'm off to visit grandkids. See you when I get back.

Monday, July 5, 2010


A friend gave each of us a fat quarter of fabric with the ladies on it in green, blue, and purple. I made crazy quilt from all of them. The green ones I did a little embroidery on and then gave one to each quilt group member to see what they would make. Some made pillows, a purse, and a book cover.The red ones I turned into little totes and sold at the gallery that carried my things.
Most of these are now finished, but I have no idea what I will do with them. I don't put beads on them until I know. Any ideas?I always have a crazy quilt project in the works, as I like to stitch, and that is a perfect excuse. I also have a tote packed with all the supplies for any time I need to suddenly go somewhere. I'm not a nurse but seem to have become the family care giver.

Friday, July 2, 2010


A While back a good friend gave me this piece of glass that she had created. I tried several beaded straps to make a necklace and even a leather one, but none seemed right. Then I remembered seeing ribbons used in a book on necklaces. Of course then I couldn't find the book and had to just try things until I liked the result.  This has two painted ribbons and a rattail cord. I knotted a regular closure on the ribbon.

I'm taking Christen Brown's Right Angle Weave class at , and made this as the first bracelet. It went quickly.