Friday, November 28, 2008


Because of the response, I decided to give all three scarves away, so if the following 3 people will send me their address, I will get a scarf off to you.

abeadlady Arline you were my first draw, so let me know which color you want.
Meg in Albuquerqe If you send me 2 color choices, you will get whichever Arline doesn't pick.
Pam T You will get the third scarf.

This was fun for me, so I'll have to think up something else. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is the last post before the drawing on Friday for the scarf. Be sure to leave a comment. I've entered everyone who has commented so far and tried to reply to them. I appreciate hearing from people and am sorry that I couldn't reach some.
This was an unfinished piece from a class with Ruth Blanchet. I finished it up for my grandson for Christmas. I've had good classes from there.
I knitted my Daughter-in-law a sweater she wanted and am giving my granddaughter the quilt from another class, so I thought I shouldn't leave my son out. This is the hanging he gets of his family.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bead Journal Project

Here is a photo of my Bead Journal Quilt for November. It is on a batik with sequins sewn down by using the Back Stitch for beading. The first row is stitched through the fabric.The second row is stitched to the first, and the third through the second.

Remember to comment if you want to be in the drawing for a hand painted silk scarf for my blog anniversary next Friday. The choices are shown in the Nov. 21st post.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Look what came in the mail. It's the Fall theme quiltie from Meg for Unlimited Textiles. It's perfect and the extras will work well for the tag class.
I can hardly believe that it will be l year next Friday that I have been blogging. Here I put it off forever before starting too. So, next Friday I will draw a winner from the people who comment in the next week and send them a hand painted silk scarf.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Look at the wonderful Quiltie I received from Linda D. of Unlimited Textiles. It shines.

She included these goodies-ribbon, painted fabric, and a felted piece. They will work with the Tag class I'm taking. Thank you Linda.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Quiltie, Postcard

The theme this month for Unlimited Textiles was Latin American flavor. This was done on the Embellisher with a knit piece cut up-the dark piece-and other fibers. It is machined with metallic threads and bordered with hand stitching in metallic. I used running stitch on two sides and chain stitch on the other two. Here is November's postcard for the Calendar Girls exchange. The vase and leaves are Ultrasuede, the stems hand stitched, and I had these cool flower beads to use to make the flowers.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Take It Further, Class

I'm taking a Tag class from Judy Skeel at and realized that these 2 tags also worked for the Take It Further Challenge presented by Sharonb All year I've worked with the color scheme.

Here are some more tags.

And some more.And the final group. They are addictive and perfect for using up those bits that are too good to throw away and not big enough to do much with. This last set has the papers from fortune cookies. I've saved them for years and ask everyone I'm with for theirs. So far, I haven't gone around to other tables!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This rose was felted by using one of the applique molds produced by Clover for hand needle felting 3D shapes. I'll put it on a hoodie for my granddaughter. It was good TV work as long as you watch what you are doing and not the TV!
She'll also get this crazy quilt purse. Her birthday is in early January, so I try to make sure she has something for that too. I always have a bag of supplies for crazy quilt ready to take when I have to rush off to take care of someone.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here is the Postcard that came Saturday from Joanna It just shimmers in person. Last week was Embellisher Club taught by my friend Catherine. We did cards and had a wonderful time. The top one is my favorite.
This one has all the purples and red violets that I like. I'll be doing more cards I know.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gift, Art

Look what came in the mail! Sueb sent it to me. She found it in Houston and knows it will be perfect for workshops. I've never seen an iron like that. She also knows I've been down with the sick husband and the dogs' 2 surgeries. Thank you my friend.
Here's the card that came with it. Isn't it great?

In September I received an email from a lady in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada asking me to take part in a 4 panel art hanging for the Year of Fiber 2009. Secret Gardens is the theme and each piece is to be 1"x1", 1x2, 2x2, 2x3, or 3x3. We are to do 1 to 4 pieces. Here are the three pieces I sent this week. They are wool felt with beading using one of my favorite motifs-leaves.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Class Projects, Tagged

I've been tagged by Carol L to tell 7 things about myself.

1. Tagging helps me find new artists as I visit the others who are tagged.

2. I love my computer but find it to be one of the most frustrating things when it doesn't do what I expect-operator error only part of the time.

3. I'm very patient when I teach but have no patience for people who won't at least try things.

4. I love all animals especially dogs.

5. I reviewed fiber books for about 15 years and have a great library. It was one of my favorite jobs.

6. I love to take classes. That can't be much of a surprise to my readers.

7. I raced sports cars when I met my husband. 3 of us wives/sweethearts raced in our own class.

I'm taking a class from Judy Skeel at on using UTEE Ultrathick Embossing Powder. The black piece was done on a molding mat. The top right is on glass, and the other two on beach glass.
Here the Utee has been used to frame photos encased in glass and a CD piece. It also can be molded. It's been an interesting class, and Judy is a good teacher.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Class Projects

Since I have to be home with the dog, it was the perfect opportunity to take an online class. The following samples are from Textured Surfaces-a class from http://www.fibreinform/ given by Lynda Monk and Carol McFee. It's a good one with tons of information.
The idea is to build up surfaces with things and layers of paint to add depth. It's amazing how they change.
I found that there are lots of textured pastes out there and used one called flakes for the greenish piece. Inks also work well.
After strip piecing this, I didn't like it and threw it in a black dye pot-too dark. This seemed the time to experiment with it, so molding paste, then ink, then gilding cream, and maybe it's OK now.