Monday, November 17, 2008

Quiltie, Postcard

The theme this month for Unlimited Textiles was Latin American flavor. This was done on the Embellisher with a knit piece cut up-the dark piece-and other fibers. It is machined with metallic threads and bordered with hand stitching in metallic. I used running stitch on two sides and chain stitch on the other two. Here is November's postcard for the Calendar Girls exchange. The vase and leaves are Ultrasuede, the stems hand stitched, and I had these cool flower beads to use to make the flowers.


Val said...

Just been catching up with your posting Sandy - you've been doing some really super stuff while I've not been looking. Love the Quiltie - and the postcard of course. I keep missing the signup days for the Quiltie - perhaps I might catch the next one!!

Alis Clair said...

Fab work as always Sandy.
I love the colours in the quiltie and the flowers on the postcard are just lovely.