Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday, Trip

The next stitch from Sharonb at is the Triple Chain Stitch. The top version is the way the book showed it, going back into the previous chain to make the next one. That hid the nice little motif made by all the tack stitches meeting, so I went just beyond it in the light blue to make the next chain. I guess that actually makes it all detached chain.
Four of us took a trip to Chinatown in Portland, Oregon last Wednesday. It's a city block in  the middle of town and a quiet oasis. We were all taking photos for inspiration. Here are just a few.
I love the lattice on this opening. It would translate to stitch or piecing quite nicely.
The bridge was such a tranquil scene with all the bustle of traffic outside the walls of the garden. You don't even notice noise inside.
This arch was so intriguing. I hope to do something with the graceful lines---quilting, stitching?
Bonsai were sitting on shelves throughout the garden. I love trees and was delighted with them.

We had a pleasant day. The weather in the morning was cool and overcast making for better photos and fewer people in the garden.


Radka said...

Lovely pictures and very interesting shapes!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

you got some very cool pictures Sandy. That arch has a beautiful shape.