Friday, March 11, 2011


Here are the tools I used in the third lesson from the Fun With Paint Sticks class from 
The triangle I made with hot glue on a wood scrap. It works really well for a rubbing but not very well as a stamp.  The one below it is tooth picks glued to wood.  The leaf and the blue triangle are made with a pen on the styrofoam that you get when you bring the rest of your meal home from the restaurant. The rose is part of my collection of printing blocks and was my favorite to use.
Red was a hard background to find something that would show up well from the paint sticks that I had. The metallics seem to work the best on most backgrounds.
I used three colors on the yellow polyester moire piece. The hand painted one would have to be used carefully because of the strong red areas.
The marbled fabric actually worked well. Ultrasuede(beige) works so much better than I expected. I thought it would be too thick to do a rubbing.  The hand painted green looks much better in person and will be used in a piece.

I've been using scraps for the experiments, because it's freeing to use something that is basically waste. They will go in a notebook for future reference.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the yellow crazy quilt. With our gray weather it was a lift to work on.


Barbara said...

Such creative uses for everyday things. I'm sure it was fun!

Mags said...

Well done Sandy for taking on the lessons! I love your yellow crazy quilt in the last post. thanks for sharing St David's Day with us :)