Monday, April 12, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday

The stitch last week for Sharonb's Take a Stitch Tuesday was the Buttonhole Eyelet Flower. It's a buttonhole eyelet in the center surrrounded by bullion stitches. The small one is done in Perle 8 and has 2 rows of bullion around it. The blue one is done in Ostara-a soft thread of larger scale. I bought it many years ago and don't know if it is still available. It's a lovely thread.

In the comments for the last post I was asked about online classes. I just enjoy taking classes and find these have a lot to offer. I don't need to haul supplies only to find that what is at home is what I need. I don't have to leave the house. We live in the country, so it is more of a trip plus traffic when I get near Portland, OR. There is more choice in the classes. When you've taken as many as I have, it's hard to find new ones. I still take local ones too when something comes up. I just love to learn!


Gina said...

Very pretty stitch! I'm getting closer to doing some hand stitching - looking at the Ott lights this week. I too want to try out some online classes - just need to get to a 'quiet' time when I have time to do the assignments.

Susan D said...

Learning can become addictive can't it. I've enjoyed all the online classes I've taken.

Doreen G said...

I agree about online classes Sandy--everything is at you fingertips at home unlike when you go out to a class because you will always find that you have bought the wrong stuff with you or you have left the most important piece at home.
Plus it doesn't have to be finished in a day.