Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday, fleece

Just when I was comfortable using the blog, the rules changed. It's taken quite a while to figure out how to upload photos the new "improved" way. At 5:30am my mind doesn't want to learn new tricks.
Sharonb at gives us a stitch every week to try. This week it is the Raised Herringbone Band. It's another interesting one and can actually be sort of curved-right side vertical band. It takes a lot of work to give us these challenges and I thank her.

I dyed more roving with food color. It is easy and satisfying, but I seem to be heavy into the red. The yellow batches looked too brown which is not a color I'm fond of, so I added red and have plenty now.

Thank you everyone who commented on Passages. The challenges make me experiment and try some of the things I think about and don't get around to.

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