Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've been going through WIP's/UFO's and taking old samples to see if they can be turned into something. The first one is quite small but I liked it, so I put on the two borders.

The green I'm not so sure about but decided to try it anyway. The top border might follow the angle and the piece turned upside down.

It's fun to go back and revisit some of the classes I've taken. At least I seem to be in work mode. Winter is a time when I don't want to go anywhere, just want to create.


Gina said...

I like these Sandy!

Lonci said...

Very impressive:)

Anonymous said...

Very artistic! Did you use a pattern or is this "improvisational quilting"?

Magpie Sue said...

Hi Sandy, I'm here from the BJP but since I'm also a quilter I have to tell you how much I like these two little pieces. They're fabulous! If they're no bigger than 9" x 12" and you're willing to part with them you could finish them up and donate them to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative ( to help raise funds for research into a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. Or you could just send the one with the red border directly to me! ;- )