Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I've been playing with Electric Quilt again and designing blocks. I like the 4 patch of this one but didn't want to have to match up all those seams. So how about this arrangement.OR this one is another possibility.Another way but still not quite right.I think this one, but I'll make 4 more blocks. The design seems to want to be symetrical. Opinions?


Anonymous said...

Oooof...I think no matter how you lay it out, there will be many seams to match. I like the block in the first photo best -- I think the printed focal fabric is showcased nicely in that layout. The last photo also shows that printed focal fabric well, but I just like the layout in the first photo better. No matter what you do, it will be lovely!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I don't know much abouth this, but the layout in the first pic is visually more pleasing to the eye.
But what do I know! ~lol~

Looks like fun though.

Linda Stokes said...

I think I like the first one too Sandy - seems more balanced to me.
Love your East challenge too - great use of the fabrics.

abeadlady said...

I have to put my vote in for #1 also, Sandy. It has a great impact.

Sue Bleiweiss said...

hmmm I think I like #2 or the last one the best. But I agree with Barbara's comment - no matter what you do it will be a great quilt!