Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Years ago when I went to the big quilt show in Houston, I attended a lecture by Marla Gassner who wrote The Bead and I. I enjoyed her talk so that I bought the book and made the yellow necklace.
Recently I decided to make another and did this green one. It's a great way to feature special beads as accents and also to use up odd beads that you don't have enough of to make a more traditional piece.
It's fun to wear. With my long, skinny neck, I often wrap it around two times. It always gets comments.


Cate Rose said...

These are really beautiful!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

No doubt you get a lot of compliments when you wear these, they're gorgeous!

Georgianne Holland said...

You make me want to learn more about the technique! I've just booked my tickets for the Big Show in Houston for this year...wonder what great new technique I will learn about?!