Friday, April 20, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday

French Knot is this week's stitch from Sharon at

It's the perfect stitch to accent areas in Crazy Quilt.

Here's a sample I made for a design class showing how to blend the colors.

This one was the most fun. I do love weird threads and seeing what they do.  The fuzzy one would make great bushes, flowers, or leaves.  The ribbon made a bigger impact. The lumpy yellow one needed a big needle in order to get the lumps through the fabric but is worth the effort. The two greens used together make a heathering. The green perle cotton was my experiment to see what happens when you increase the number of wraps. It starts on the left with one and increases to 7 on the right.

I could do all this experimenting on my own but would I? Thanks for the push and excuse to do it Sharon.

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Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your experiments Sandy. I still always seem to prefer to make one wrap, but use thicker thread. My knot seems to collapse sideways if I have too many wraps.

Cheers, and happy stitching.