Monday, June 27, 2011

Journal Quilt has two challenges that this works for-The Journal Quilt and The Technique of the Month which is freemotion Couching.
I don't have a Bernina which has a special foot for this with a guide for the thread you are couching. I have a Pfaff which I love but this was hard without the guide. I kept trying to rig a guide up but so far none of my ideas has worked.

The leaf shapes are fused. Then I used a knitting braid for the couching which also becomes the quilting. I think this technique has lots of possibilities.


Barbara said...

Very, very pretty! I hope it wasn't too difficult. (I love my Pfaff too!)

Walden said...

Very nice! Like leaves floating down a stream.

Katie said...

This is really nice. Don't think you need the Bernina- you are rockin' w/o it! :0)