Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've joined the challenge that Sueb set up at  Jill Berry gave the first challenge of Highly Prized.
There are so many possibilities that I just went with the Environment again.I feel strongly that we should value our world. To me it means the trees and flowers-the basis for so much. The images are all from Photos I took. The tree trunks were photographed during a trip to New Orleans and are Live Oaks. I wonder if they still stand after the Hurricane.

This one was taken in Central Oregon. I extended the photo with Gel pens then turned the work and wrote all the words for things we need to take care of in the environment.

Yesterday I decided to continue on and started a page with pastels over two different textured rubbing plates. Then I used a big foam stamp for the leaf. Yes, friends I put the book on the floor instead of the table to stand on the stamp. Standing on it gives a better image.

To use up the ink, I stamped a blank page. Both of the last two will have more work on them. Now I'm working on a Journal quilt with Leaf images. It's something I've kept coming back to for years.
Check out the site-lots of fun things.


Suztats said...

Neat stuff! I shall enjoy watching you fill your sketchbook pages.

Sue Bleiweiss said...

some great stuff here Sandy!

Unknown said...

love those sketch ..
so eco-friendly --
nice job




alex said...

love your sketchbook .it's a masterpiece ..
brilliant ideas--
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