Monday, May 11, 2009


Thank you for all the comments and support. It was a very scary time, and it is great to know I have friends out there. My life has certainly been enriched by knowing all of you. Here is my companion who won't leave my side for very long. He's my 100 lb. nurse-just a little boy. He'll be 10 in August but still thinks he's a puppy.
This quiltie from Liz arrived while I was in the hospital. It is the exchange for Unlimited Textiles for the Kandinsky theme. Isn't it wonderful? I really enjoy getting the quilties.


Genie said...

Hi Sandy,
sorry i missed your previous post. have been away, Hope you are feeling better. congratulations on your prize, and the lovely quilt,
Glad your companion looks after you, mine does the same she's 12 and will be lost when she goes.
have a good week and take care

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

How wonderful to have such a solid companion - glad you are on the mend and he is by your side.

The quiltie brings me back to my childhood - my grandma made a 'crazy' quilt for my oldest brother in those same shades. Both of them are gone now - I wonder what ever became of the quilt?

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hey Sandy
I have to tell you how beautiful your boy is. I love a big dog and have two. Jack is a Box-a-dor and my biggest baby at 90 pounds. Junior is my Shepherd Rotweiler mix and weighs about 120. He is demanding when it comes to attention and likes to lean against you as a hug. The bad thing is he makes me lose my balance!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

What a handsome boy he is! Such gorgeous coloring. And that quiltie is lovely!

Pat said...

I missed your last post too, my very best wishes for a quick and full recovery.