Monday, March 24, 2008

Class Tester

Here is some painted canvas as part of the testing for Sueb's class
Here are two pages. The handmade paper has a special story for me. Two friends came over to try making paper. Luckily, we set up in the yard, because when we poured the water in the blender, it ran all over. We had forgotten to put in the gasket. After we finished laughting, we fixed it and had a nice day making paper. It's a good memory, as one of my friends' MS no longer allows her to do things like that.

The two pieces on the right fold out to journal on.On the left is a pocket that has a mini book in it.


Krishna said...

Fantastic photos, you must be having a great time doing sueb's class. I am jealous.
YOurs in fibre.

Digitalgran said...

You are getting me so excited about this course Sandy. Lovely work to inspire us all.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to take Sue's class. I hope to do so sometime in the fall. I love painted journal pages.