Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TIF Challenge, Bead Journal Project

Since this is going to be one of those months where I'm too busy to think, I decided to combine the Take it Further Challenge with the Bead Journal Project using the color scheme option again. The sequins will be put on using a shisha method, and the other beads will be in lines that ripple around the sequins. The background is black wool that I felted and interfaced to support the beads.

I've finally figured out how to move the pictures where I want them-the learning curve is still steep on this stuff. This is the Journal I made for putting technique papers in for the class I'm testing for Sue Bleiweiss. Information on the course which she will offer in the fall can be found at The fabric is an African print that I bought in Houston when my son took me to a big, great fabric store in the museum district. The button is antique.

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Sue Bleiweiss said...

good idea to combine those challenges, that will certainly make it easier to get both done.