Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Felted Purse

The flap on this purse is felted and was a more muted color than I'm used to working in, but I decided to decorate it anyway and couched a couple of cords down in the swirled pattern around the Shisha I had put on the piece. Then with Perle Cotton, I used running stitch to echo the couched lines.

While debating how to use the piece, I noticed that there was a piece of orchid Ultrasuede in the closet-have no idea where it came from but it was a perfect match. The cord was made on one of those plastic cord makers and is from yarns in my stash.

I'm glad people liked my rusted fabric and gave suggestions on where to find the soapless scouring pads. I did find some in the auto section but will look in the other places too. Thanks for the input-always love to get it.


Deborah Levy said...

Lovely purse Sandy!

Linda said...

This is just lovely Sandy. Aren't those long forgotten purchases handy at times..........LOL...... So pleased you found some 'unsoaped' steel wool. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is always so inspirational for me. Cheers.

Linda Stokes said...

I like your purse Sandy - all came together very well.

Gina said...