Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm taking a printing class from Susan Sorrell at My gelatin was from ages ago-can't remember what I bought it for but it was a VERY long time ago. It still worked just fine. Taking it out of the pan broke it up a bit, so I used a plastic knife and made more pattern in it. Both of these prints are on cotton. The black is overprinted on a piece that didn't have enough pattern. I think printing on black has a lot of possibilities.This last one is on paper. I did find out that as the gelatin plate breaks up, it sticks to the fabric or paper more. It isn't a problem with the fabric-just scrap it off-but the printer paper wanted to rip or just have a shiny glaze on it from the gelatin. Since the print was not at all something I liked, I actually decided to just throw it away-afraid it might attract bugs. I guess I could have coated it with medium, but it wasn't worth the work.   It's a fun technique.

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Sue Bleiweiss said...

these are very cool Sandy, I really like the ones done on black.