Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Felting, Gifts

Here is a photo of a Hybiscus that I took when we were in Hawaii. I love flowers and take lots of pictures of them for inspiration.
I decided to felt a piece similar to it then add details in Machine Embroidery. This year my Bead Journal Project pieces will have a felted background with Machine Embroidery on them before they are beaded. This just didn't fit with the other two I've made, so into the drawer for now. I don't care for this, so that's part of it-too folksy for my taste.
Lynda sent me this as part of the exchange. I just love it. I'm no good at doing figures and can appreciate when one is done so well.
She also sent this ATC and post card. The ATC has the techniques used listed on the back. Thank you Lynda.

Thank you everyone who suggested a name for Monday's quilt. They were all good. I keep a list for the future and will add them: Come again, Envy, Come and Go, and Return to Center.  The piece did remind me of Boomerangs too. I've decided to call it Return. It was one of the projects I organized before surgery, so I would have plenty to do after. Little did I know-never having had any before-that you aren't up to a darn thing after!  It's so good to be back in creative mode. The blog and my followers spur me on.

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Purple Missus said...

Thanks Sandy for your lovely words.
What a shame to put your flower piece into a drawer. Maybe if you look at it again in a couple of weeks you will change your mind about it. :)

I do hope 2010 will be a far more healthy year for you.