Monday, August 24, 2009


My dear DIL had sent me boxes of upholstery samples years ago that I keep working on. I've made pillows and a vest that I didn't care for, but the thing that seems to be the best use for them is totes. I gather sets together in a color theme and stitch them to create a big piece of fabric. Each seam is sewn, pressed open and then top stitched on each side to make it flat. I box the bottom corners and then sew a pleat from the top, across the bottom, and up to the top on each side in a U to give it strength and shape. They are lined in synthetic satin.

This is the biggest one.

This is my favorite, because it has more color.


Robin Mac said...

You are so versatile Sandy, the totes look great and would be very useful. Cheers, Robin

Sue Bleiweiss said...

these are great Sandy, I especially like that last one.

Micki said...

Fabulous totes, Sandy!

pam T said...

wow, Sandy, these are great!