Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Everyone seems to like the quilt that is my blog header, so I thought I would show some of the quilts in the series that lead up to it.
A number of years ago I took a week long retreat with Nancy Crow and learned so much. We had done sets of strips in class to use in some exercises. When I came home, I decided to use them with black seeing how many ways I could change them. This is Dancing with my Shadow. It is using curved piecing to join the strips with the black.

Here is Pick Up Sticks-it reminded me of the child's game.

Then I used navy and did squares. This is Broken Pathways.

I used one of the Kaleidoscopes that are clear to look at the blocks, rotated it to see what would happen and came up with so many ideas. There are more to this series and many sketchbook ideas waiting to be made.


Art4Sol said...

What wonderful creations! I recently purchased Nancy's book and even though I'm not a quilter, it is so inspiring! How fortunate you were to take her class.

Sue Bleiweiss said...

Sandy these are all awesome!