Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Award, Quilt

This is another of the strip pieced series-one that took off in a different direction. It just needed the irregular bottom. It's called City Lights, because it reminds me of windows in apartments.

Marty gave me the Attitude of Gratitude award and said such nice things about me on her blog. I'm supposed to upload the symbol, but, of course, it won't work for me. I'm also supposed to say what I'm grateful for which is easy.

My returning health and energy.
My wonderful friends.
Online Sue who kept emailing to keep my spirits up/
Locally I only told two people until the surgery was over.
Catherine: emails, phone calls, visits, cards, a plant. She would call every day once I was home to check that I was resting and eating.
Lois: calls, emails, rides, chocolate, books and so much support.
My quilt group once they knew.
My husband who took such good care of me.
Jake(dog) who wouldn't leave my side.
And now at last I seem to be getting back to creating. I even worked out at the gym yesterday for the first time and don't hurt today.


flyingbeader said...

I see the windows lighted in this piece. I really need to create some time for myself so I can learn to quilt. Funny, but here I am a bead/doll artist & most of the blogs I follow are quilters like yourself.

Great that you are feeling better and the Muse is really hitting you full force.

Sue Bleiweiss said...

my gosh Sandy that quilt is magnificent! Thanks for the award :) I'm so happy that you're feeling better!

pam T said...

Very, very cool quilt. Definitely looks like city lights!

Art4Sol said...

Beautiful piece!