Friday, October 31, 2008

I've been tagged by Sabine to tell some things about myself. Let's see-what would people be interested in.

I went to an engineering college and graduated in mathematics at a time when women's options were nursing or teaching, so I taught in Montana and met my future husband there. That's probably why jurors say my work is organized.

I've done some sort of fiber work all my life starting with knitting when I was 4. I love most of it and am delighted when there is something I don't want to pursue.

I've been very lucky to have been able not to have to support myself, so I was able to work at jobs that were in the Fiber field. They are varied: a quilt shop, 2 general fabric stores, a yarn shop, 2 sewing machine dealers, mail order machine embroidery supplies, doing samples for a kit company and writing directions for them, and teaching. This is the tip of the ice berg, as I've tried whatever came along as my husband was transferred around. The first was for a needlepoint shop where I finish the needlepoint for customers into whatever they wanted. Never again was I afraid to cut up anything of my own after cutting someone else's beautiful work!

That's enough to bore you with.

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Sabine said...

Hello, Sandy,

your revelations are not boring at all, nor is your blog as a whole, quite the contrary.

Your knitting start as a small girl reminded me of the first pair of socks I knitted at school. It was such hard labour, because I knitted ever so tight (and "tight" is an understatement), and the number of stitches would never stay the same for long. There was no way I could get my feet into the socks once they were finished. I have improved since.

Best regards,