Monday, June 9, 2008

Embellisher Class

I'm taking the Embellisher class offered by Dale Rollerson of The Yahoo group has so many pictures on it that I decided to show my Lesson l work here.

Here is a set of samplers. The first is different yarns attached in different designs. The second is fibers on felt. The last is fabric strips on felt. I tried silk, sheers, lame, a braid, and the top funny bit is narrow ribbon.

Here is a piece of mixed fibers with a bronze sheer over them. It was embellish front and back. Did the colors ever change, but I like the subtle effect.

Silk fibers on felt is next. Then felt shapes from the front(bottom) and the back. On the ones from under the felt, I tried just edge stitching and all over.

I thought the houses everyone was making were so cute that I had to try one. It is all done from leftover scraps.

Here is the challenge piece. We were to do strips of fabrics, but I did a crazy quilt type layout with cheesecloth and silk(never could follow directions), put twisted yarns on it, hand stitched the edges trying 2 different stitches, and applied felt flowers by embellishing the centers from the back and hand beading. And this is only lesson 1 of 6!!

In answering questions last time, I forgot the place I lived the longest-Montana. That's where I went to high school and college, taught school, married and had 2 children. I wonder what it says that I forgot I lived there. I love the outdoors and used to hike the wilderness areas, did rock and fossil hunting.


Genie said...

Hi Sandy, Aren't we all having fun on Dales Embellisher class?
some lovely work by you and everyone..

Unknown said...

Fantastic samples Sandy

Sue Bleiweiss said...

Great samples Sandy, I love that house!

Unknown said...

Aren't we having a blast in Dale's class?! Great samplers and the challenge piece is fun. I must do some of those houses!

Doreen G said...

Wonderful samples Sandi--I am enjoying the class--my embellisher has not stopped.

Val said...

Your pieces are super Sandy - you must be having great fun, they are gorgeous! Look forward to seeing more ..... Val