Monday, June 2, 2008


I was asked about the garments I made from the marbled scraps. Here is a vest using red solids and the scraps that were mostly red. There are buttons on it as decoration and some Sasiko quilting. The fabrics are all cotton.
Here are two more vests. I wear the red one and the beaded one. The other has a rayon marbled lining, so it is reversible and sold at a marbling conference we went to. The fabrics on both of these vests are raw silk. Whatever touches the marbling bath first takes the color, so raw silk is much paler when marbled. I machine quilted with metallic thread to bring out the pattern. Aren't the models cute? They are daughters of my partner's friend.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

Sandy these are fabulous!

Linda Stokes said...

very nice Sandy! especially like the red one.

Purple Missus said...

These are wonderful Sandy, I especially like the two in the bottom photo.
And what gorgeous girls you have modelling for you.

Digitalgran said...

Beautiful Sandy. Thanks for showing them, but we did ask very nicely didn't we? :))