Friday, November 1, 2013

Art and Soul

The first class I took this year was from Ingrid Dijkers and called Twirly Swirly for all the swirls we put in.  

This is the back cover.

The Swirl comes off the page as you open it.

The foldout is a swirl too.

This one is a pocket made from a special piece of decorated paper. Four of us used to visit a friend in a retirement community and sometimes do projects with her. This time we did something to paper for 5 minutes then passed it to the next person. At the end we divided all 5 pieces up, so we each had some from everyone. The page is memories of Judy.


Cate Rose said...

What a wonderful journal! I love Ingrid's work!

Linda Stokes said...

This looks like fun! I like your Liz Kettle pieces too.