Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I finally finished it!!!!!!!!!   This is a project I worked on off and on for several years I think. It would get put aside for other things and be forgotten. First, I beaded around 5 white and gray cabochons. Then I cut them out and tried to find a way to join them together. Finally, I just put them on felted wool cutting out the wool to match the outline of the piece.
The cord is the spiral beading that is flexible but strong enough to support the centerpiece.

More and more people in my group are starting to have problems putting on necklaces that join in the back, so here is an alternative. The snap is on the main piece and the end of the right side of the cord-most people seem to be right handed. I'm pleased with it and mostly glad it's done.


Karen Jandik said...

Just WOW!

Cate Rose said...

Really wonderful piece, in every way!

Ruth Lane said...

Beautiful - I've only done a small amount of beading but I know how much work this was.

McIrish Annie said...

Being a recipient of one of your gorgeous creations, I am sure this one is even more spectacular in person! Love it!