Monday, May 27, 2013


At night if I'm tired of knitting or between projects, I crochet flowers to paint for the crazy quilt pieces. I leave the ends to put to the back of whatever I apply them to. On the red ones instead of using white thread, I used a variegated pink to see what would happen. Some are painted with Colorhue, some with Jo Sonia dyes, and some with Dynaflow. Sorry I can't tell you which. Once they are done and heat set, I can't tell--or remember.

Thanks to everyone who comments.


Cate Rose said...

These are cool. I have a bunch of different variegated crochet threads that I used to wrap bundles and poles when I was dyeing shibori cloth. I only wish my hands could crochet now. Knitting is okay, but crochet is way too wrist-involved for me these days.

liniecat said...

what a good idea to dye them that way, really like the effects youve achieved

Gina said...

These are beautiful! And what a great idea to paint them.