Monday, April 15, 2013


This is a group of the Chemo caps I knit and give to anyone who needs them or has a family member/friend in need. I have plenty right now. I hope none of my readers have the need, but if you do get in contact on my blog, and I will send one or two.

I knit these all the time to fill moments when other things don't work and was on the last of my yarn when I went to Joanne's Saturday. I think it's meant that I do this, because there were two colors of the Fun Fur that I use that were on sale for 75 cents each. It takes 60 grams for a medium and the ball is 50 grams-good marketing! I also had leftovers at home and can make two of each color now.

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Judy Rys said...

What a wonderful way to help others.