Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm taking another class at by Margaret Applin. 
Here are both sides of the 6 pages I painted for the first journals. I really like making journals.

I was having trouble getting into blogger again, couldn't use Google reader or even leave comments on people's blogs. Very frustrating. I found another button that let me do this post. Right now I'm very tired from my husband's emergency, hospital, and doctors trips in February not to mention 2 puppies. Being a good friend, I traded months with someone, so the quilt group is coming to my messy house today. I warned them that I didn't have the energy to clean. They are good friends and understand. Anyway, if blogger keeps hating me, I will switch to probably Wordpress and name the blog focus-on-fiber2. If this one goes dead, that's where you'll find me after a month's rest. I really appreciate my followers.


Unknown said...

I like your pages shown here Dandy. They would be a great tile design. Wishing you the best and happy Easter

Gina said...

Wow, so much going on in your life! I hope thing settle down soon and blogger treats you better. Fun journal pages!