Friday, November 9, 2012


Quite a while ago I decided to do felt books to have on hand for gifts. I love working with the fibers, so it's a good excuse to use all the things I've collected--and continue to collect in spite of trying to use things up!
To a base of craft felt, I used the embellisher to felt down a thick and thin yarn-love the way it creates random rows. Then I used metallic and machine quilted it. I always steam the felt several times along the way to block it. The ribbon was given to me by a friend. The button is from my stash.

It's lined with a hand painted cotton. It has 3 signatures that are covered with heavier hand painted papers. This one was painted, then plastic wrap was laid on the wet paint to create the crystal pattern. I always use another button on the inside when sewing one on the outside, so use doesn't rip the cover.


Laurence Martin said...

Lovely, yummy, beautiful! I am now putting "making books" somewhere in a corner of my being for a future project!

Cate Rose said...

Fabulous book, Sandy!

Gina said...

Gorgeous! What beautiful gifts to have on hand!

Linda said...

Looks so lovely Sandy. Sorry I've been absent. Life gets in the way sometimes. Cheers.