Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday

This week's stitch from Sharon at is the Whipped Wheel. I thought I'd try an abstract flower with "leaves" around it.

I'm also trying unusual threads. The pink is a mohair so the blurring is the thread. The yellow has uneven legs to the base in a Perle cotton then wrapped with a bumpy thread. The green was using two threads in the needle at the same time.

I'll be modelling 4 of my Bomber Jackets in the fashion show the Wearable group is putting on for the Columbia Fiberarts guild, so time is short.


Suztats said...

Nice variations, Sandy. Strut your stuff!

Unknown said...

Break a leg at Wearable, Sandy - and give us a peak, please! I would love to see the runwya. -sus