Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lace Purse

When we were in California, a friend and I used to go to a special antique store. I always look for purse frames. Since this one isn't antique, the nice lady gave it to me.

It has sat around here for a long time but the painted lace seemed like it needed to go with it. I painted the lace with acrylic paints then bonded it to lining fabric. To make a pattern I traced just inside the frame then flipped it to create the bottom shape. I cut it out after adding seam allowances.  Once the fabrics were seamed and the lining attached leaving the bottom of the lining open, I beaded the flower centers.

Attaching it to the frame was a challenge, since it is hard to sew that close to the metal and is done by hand. To cover the stitching, I put 4 beads on each section then hand stitched lace on the inside to cover that stitching. It's the way the antique ones were done.  It's not my favorite but was a good learning experience.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

Sandy that is gorgeous!

Doreen G said...

Well done Sandy--I didn't see the beads on the metal properly until I enlarged it.