Friday, November 4, 2011


Blue Zen started out as a drawn zentangle that I enlarged and transferred to a hand painted cotton. When I enlarge something, I transfer it to fabric by hand stitching with a contrasting thread through the tissue copy. It is more labor intensive, but you don't have to worry about a pencil or pen not coming out of the fabric. Do watch out for the color of thread you use. Once I used a dark green on a light fabric and when pulling out the basting after the stitching was done, it left dye behind. That's the time you get creative to cover the mistake/design challenge up.

Here is a detail. It is hand stitched with Perle Cotton, silk and embroidery floss using Chain and Back Stitches. The sequins are held on with a bead.The quilting is by machine.


Gina said...

Good tip about using colored thread! Beautiful quilts, those in your previous posts too!

Doreen G said...

Love the colours in this one Sandy.

Suztats said...

I was drawn in by the wonderful color, and then mesmerized by the stitching.

Linda said...

Simple and elegant Sandy, and simply elegant is all I can say. The colours are just beautiful. Love the quilting and how it flows. Cheers.

Unknown said...

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Sue Bleiweiss said...