Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Journal Quilt, gift

Art and Soul is over for another year. I'm pleasantly tired and will show things once I get organized. Another year with 5 great classes.

This journal quilt-on its side thanks to blogger, too tired to mess with it-started with the Challenge of the month from  It is fused triangles on a marbled background. I machine quilted to echo the spiral and edge it with satin stitch. I seem to still be doing spirals.

Vivika from the Fiberactions group sent each of us a Prayer Flag. Isn't it wonderful and so nice of her? I'm hanging it in my studio.

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Jane Davies said...

Oh I know Vivika! Just through the web/e-mail, but I did a couple of prayer flags inspired by her project. I am hoping to meet her later this month, as I am teaching in Guilford, CT, where she lives.