Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm taking an Electric Quilt class from on how to use Paintsticks. I've waited for it to be offered, and now I've done something to my back and can't work for very long at a spell-very frustrating for someone who doesn't know how to be still.
Here is a notebook page on blending two colors in various ways.

This page shows using the sticks directly. I like the blending better.

This shows the few fabric samples I managed to do. The yellow in the lower corner is stretch velour-very hard to work on even backed with freezer paper and no detail possible. I'll do a bit more today. The doctor said it's muscles which I knew, but now I have a relaxant prescription, so at least I can sleep. This too will pass.


Diane Kelsey said...

Hope you get better soon. Time to catch up on all those books you wanted to read or DVD's you wanted to watch.

Linda Stokes said...

Sorry to hear you've hurt your back - hope it's back to normal soon.
Thanks for your comments on my quilts.

Gina said...

Get better quickly!