Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm glad people liked my story in the last post. Thanks for commenting. I seem to have to learn everything the hard way. It was a great help when I was teaching-had already made all the mistakes and could help students with a solution.
This piece started as a felted background to which I addeded three pieces left from making ATC's. The pieces are scraps bonded to felt and heavily machined to hold them in place. The edge seemed raw, so I couched a flat braid on it by hand then stitched a frame of chain stitches in a heavy metallic thread. The space between cried out for beads. Alternating bugles and seed beads are attached with back stitch. It was relaxing to do.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

another gorgeous piece Sandy. This is so rich and elegant, just gorgeous.

Blue Creek Home said...

I'm glad you came by!
I love these peices - I've done similar things but yours looks much better!

Linda Stokes said...

It does look very rich and sumptuous and I like the flower quilt too - definitely worth the time!