Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm taking Fiber Collage from Susan Sorrell at Here are some doodles I did.

This is the piece so far. The colors are brighter than shows in the scan.

When we were in California, a lady in my quilt guild was interviewing people for the California Heritage Quilt Project that records the older quilter's stories, so they are not lost. She decided to interview younger ones and Wearable Artists(what I was doing at the time) and have them interviewed again in 20 years to see what had happened by that time. It was an interesting experience and made me really think about what I was doing. At the end she asked if I wanted to say anything else and out came the quote without any conscious thought. It has become my motto, as I really believe we are guardians of the earth-owe it respect and should be caring for it.


Dotti said...

Looks like you are off to a good start! Let me know how you liked the class. I took her "Funky Felt Pins" class (it was my very first blog post way back in July) and I liked the class a lot!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

what a great start you're off to with this piece Sandy, I look forward to seeing it completed.