Monday, March 15, 2010


This time the challenge word was communications. There is very little direct communication anymore. Most involves a device that has a circuit board, so here is my circuits. The photos were taken by my husband of a board he built for his train set. I transferred them to fabric and fused them to a background.To cover the edges I used antique ribbon to recall the time when we actually talked face to face. Ultrasuede shapes convey the idea to and and nan gates-used in designing circuits. Hanging from below the photos are parts from a circuit board.

I can't fault having that kind of communication-without it I wouldn't have all my cyber friends. Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs and those who take the time to comment. Visit to see other examples.


Gina said...

What an excellent interpretation for communication!

linda stokes said...

Interesting piece Sandy - I like the way you've represented different elements of the topic.