Monday, February 27, 2012


This is a small quilt I just finished. It's about 20" by 24". The flower is from a photo I took and made into a negative in Microsoft Picture It. The colors are more the ones I like that the regular image. I printed it on Tyvek and machine embroidered it to the hand dyed background. Then I hovered an iron over it to melt parts of the Tyvek. Be sure to do it safely with good ventilation if you try it. Also, if you print on Tyvek, only use an inkjet printer. A lazer printer would melt it and make a total mess.  It seemed to want echo quilting.

Because the print comes out as a rectangle and a flower usually isn't, I used machine embroidery to complete the petals that weren't printed.


susan christensen said...

Wow - what a COOL technique, Sandy - I love Tyvek; thanks for sharing another way to play with it. happy week, sus

McIrish Annie said...

really beautiful. I'm always amazed by people like you that use cool stuff in their quilts.

Linda said...

That is really beautiful, Sandy. I always love hearing about your work. Love the technique.