Friday, September 16, 2011


The Fiberaction reveal was yesterday. See the button on the right to check out the other pieces.  The word this time was Texture.

I had fused painted lace to a piece of cotton and then layered it with a green hand dyed cotton.  Slashing and rejoining created the wonky checkerboard. The sequins that decorate the green areas are hand sewn down with a spiderweb stitch that is just the base part of the stitch. It looked too blank, so I stitched around each by hand using the chain stitch. 

 I have  found that the big sequins work well for doing Shisha type stitching, because they are lighter in weight than mirrors and come in lots of colors. Also, if you want to change the size or shape, you can cut them with a scissors.-not your good sewing ones please.

Here is a detail. It's been great fun being in this group and trying to come up with pieces to fit a word/idea.

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Barbara said...

This quilt moves, Sandy, I'm sure of it! Wonky sometimes seems to do that. I love the way you use big sequins in a shisha mirror way. I'm fond of using the mirrors on my spirit dolls, will have to try large sequins in your style. However, your embroidery stitches are so far better than mine, not my forte, but I love beading the mirrors on. It's beautiful!