Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Some years ago I became the family caregiver going where necessary to take care of whomever needed it. I'm not a nurse, trained as a teacher, but nothing bothers me about dealing with illness or injury when that is needed. One time I was stuck without my hand work-emergencies don't give you any warning!

It was a good lesson to always have something ready, so here is a case that I bought from a cosmetic section of the store. It has lots of divisions and pockets for things. I prepare crazy quilt blocks to put in along with the threads, scissors, and needles in a case. Another handy thing to have is a small sketchbook for thoughts and ideas as well as something to write with.

This needs to be a project without a deadline and only worked on in other places like doctors' offices or the hospital. It's worked well, and I have a stack of completed blocks-a great stress buster.

I couldn't resist leaning over the upstairs railing and taking a photo of the Begonia we have on the wood stove. The leaves are larger than my hand span. Not sure where I'll put it once we need to use the stove. It also shows the wooden stamp collection I have. There are more in a basket too. They get moved in the winter, so they don't get harmed by the heat of the stove.


Barbara said...

Your little block travel kit is so pretty, Sandy. I'm not a big crazy quilt embroiderer, but it reminds me of my sit and sew groups project. It never comes out of my bag unless I'm at one of those two groups. My spirit dolls are "at home" projects, but right now I have a crazy quilt teddy bear in my traveling sit and sew group bag. He will get done someday! LOL
Also enjoyed your bird's eye view of your lovely plant and surroundings.

Connie Rose said...

Very cool, Sandy -- all of it!

Gina said...

What a good idea, to have such a kit ready for any of those times you suddenly have to dash out but will have some waiting time on the other end. Those plant leaves could make some nice prints!

Dotti said...

This is just plain good therapy. When I had to care for my ailing mother, she had several unfinished needlework projects. I finished them up as I sat hour by hour at her bedside. Today they still hang here and there all over my house and are a constant reminder of one of the passions we shared together. I lost my mom when I was 27...I will soon be 65.

Carol said...

I love the idea of your ready-for-anything kit but my focus went to your wonderful wooden block collection! I too love the wooden blocks but only have a few... would love to see your stamped results!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

very cool crazy quilt squares and I'm swooning over those wooden blocks.