Thursday, October 15, 2009


This month's theme for Unlimited Textiles is Africa. I had African fabrics and thought the spear head charm fit the theme. Then I added the wooden beads.
I'm posting today, because for the next two I will be at Fabric Depot for a class by Eileen Roche on using the Embroidery unit of my sewing machine. I don't use it much and then mostly for baby quilts, so I'm hoping this will inspire me.
Thanks for everyone who visits and especially those who comment.


Carol said...

This is cool and it sure fits the theme. You are so versatile!

Sue B said...

I love this piece Sandy - it's beautiful.

pam T said...

Oo I do like this, Sandy! what on earth do you do with all your projects? Can't wait to see what you learn next! ;)

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Oh Sandy,
I love this one - so earthy and rich!

linda stokes said...

Great work Sandy! I'll be interested to hear how you go with the embroidery unit course - I'm the same - hardly use it now except occasionally for cards & gifts.