Monday, October 12, 2009

Classes is the website of Doris Arndt-another wonderful teacher. Last year I enjoyed my class so much that I knew I needed another one from her. The class was a book with windows and inserts put together with a double coptic binding. I used a feather from one of my chickens on the front. It's a window so you can see through it.
Keys just seemed right for the back. The paper behind them is some paste paper I made years ago with construction paper and acrylic paint. The keys are put in with wire in two metals and the ends twisted in coils. The color is better in person. is the site of John Vandebrooke who taught the Encaustic class. He has lots of short videos showing the techniques.


Sue B said...

beautiful! Love that feather, that is such a nice touch.

pam T said...

interesting class!