Friday, October 9, 2009

Class Projects, Calendar Girls

One of the Classes I took was European Encaustic. I thought I'd like to try "painting" with wax but never liked the idea of cans of melted wax and paint brushes, especially since I'm such a klutz. This method is done with a hot iron. The wax is put on the iron in one technique and applied to the card. The card can also be warmed on the iron, and the wax used to draw on it. The teacher matted the one we thought was the best. The lower right one is done on texture paper.
I've grouped the cards, so you wouldn't have to read forever. The part of the iron and the motion you use determines how the wax is laid down. I kept trying different color schemes and motions to see what would happpen.

I'm not displeased with my first attempts, actually surprised that the landscapes turned out to be recognizable.

Jenny sent this lovely card for September. It's very pettable, so I keep touching it. It is done on the embellisher.


ju-north said...

How amazing that we can be separated by thousands of miles but doing similar things! Love your encaustic wax pieces!

Sue B said...

Sandy these pieces are great!

pam T said...

Love all of these! sigh!

linda stokes said...

These look great Sandy!

Gina said...

These are beautiful! And such an interesting technique.