Monday, February 11, 2008

Class Projects

I'm taking 2 classes at that are requiring a lot of handwork. I'd forgotten how much slower that is but am enjoying the process.

The first is a Beaded Cuff class-I love to bead and have a yellow necklace for this to go with. It's not my usual color scheme, but I have multiples of bracelets in teal, blue, and purple.

The second is Sumptuous Surfaces with Sharonb . It still has a lot of stitching to go, and Thursday we do another design. I hope this week isn't as busy as the weekend turned out to be.


Sue B said...

These both are coming along nicely Sandy. I am really looking forward to seeing that cuff when it's finished.

Doreen G said...

Well done Sandy and it is nice to see you challenging yourself with different colours.

Pat said...

I love the beading round the centre stone.

linda stokes said...

Your hand stitching & beading is lovely Sandy.