Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Take A Stitch Tuesday

I added this week's stitch below last week's but should have allowed more space. The stitch is called the Siennese Stitch. It makes a good band, works well randomly, and would be a good filling stitch. The fuchsia is Perle Cotton with the spacing getting closer and closer as I worked to the left.  The random blue is wool.

I decided that I would also make a sampler of floral and leaf shapes. I'm not used to working on count thread fabric and finding it to be a challenge, but overall I'm pleased with the samples.


crazyQstitcher said...

It is lovely. My favourite is the pink tipped frond.

The Siennese stitch picture is a little small to see well.
I noticed my own photos were smaller on Wordpress today.

Raphaela said...

Very nice stitching. I love your flower and leaf samples.

neki desu said...

your samples look like you're having lots of fun, very festive.