Friday, April 3, 2009

In Embellisher Club we have been learning to blend fibers. Here is the panel I made for a purse and then added beads. Unlimited Textiles exchange this month was on the theme Gothic. Here is the quiltie Alis sent me. The background is actually red violet, but no matter what I did in the editing program, I couldn't get it to show. It is sumptious and wonderful.

She also sent these goodies. The thread is a perfect gift, since I am doing so much hand stitching. The ribbon will work into projects. The card is so clever, I will be trying it. It has a tab to fold it up into a pyramid. Thank you Alis.


Genie said...

Beautiful work sandy, love the colour of the panel

maggi said...

The embellished piece looks stunning with the beads, I love the colour.

Sue B said...

Sandy that panel is gorgeous, the color is so rich and intense.